Choosing the perfect venue for your event is a daunting task, as it is essential to setting the atmosphere of your gathering. Before you decide on a space, make sure that you have taken into consideration all of your requirements and expectations in order to get it right. To assist with this process, we have compiled an event planning checklist containing questions that must be asked when scouting venues!


The Budget


When considering which venue to hire in London, budget is likely the largest factor. Of course, you have a price range in mind but there are more components that come into play than just hiring a room. Meeting rooms, conference venues and party spaces all offer different prices depending on the model chosen; space fees, hire rates per person and minimum spends can alter your final cost significantly. Make sure to do some research before committing to ensure it fits within your desired budget!

Before you meet with any venue manager, be sure to do your research and familiarize yourself with the going market prices. Take note of what is included before signing off on anything; don’t hesitate to negotiate either! Being flexible on the date can benefit you in terms of costs – certain days tend to offer lower rates than others. Last but not least, make sure all details are firmly outlined in a written agreement so there won’t be any surprise expenses or issues down the road – confirm the cost, dates, times and other important particulars beforehand!


Venue Size & Capacity


When arranging an event, the budget and number of guests are arguably two of the most important factors to consider. To make your search more efficient, try using online search platforms with filters that will help you narrow down venues according to their capacity – whether you need a small or large venue.

Select a venue that is the perfect size for your gathering. By reserving an area just right to fit the number of attendees you anticipate, not only will it create an exciting ambiance but also save money in doing so. One more critical aspect to bear in mind though: if you are publicizing or hosting a conference or celebration, there could be more guests than expected, so rather than choosing one with precise capacity numbers – opt for somewhere spacious!


Venue Space Layout


What seating arrangement is most appropriate for your event? To encourage the kind of interactions you anticipate, why not explore a boardroom setup, lecture style layout, or dining and cabaret design that can easily be adapted to various venues. Just remember to always ask about available space in advance to ensure it satisfies all your preferences before booking!

Ensure the venue has enough space for every aspect of your event. It may not be clear until you conduct a site visit, however if that’s not possible due to distance or other restrictions, Tagvenue can assist in scheduling an online tour with the manager. This way, it will help guarantee that all components of your occasion are well-thought-out and accounted for!


Date & Time of the Year


With so much at stake, it is essential to consider multiple factors before selecting a date for your event. The weather can never be guaranteed; however, you can assume that if it’s summertime an outdoor party will likely be pleasant and warm due to the sunshine. In contrast, during winter months guests are sure to appreciate being comfortable next to a roaring fire! Additionally, venues with beautiful gardens should have alternative arrangements in case of rain- just remember to check their emergency plan beforehand!

When planning your event, you should always book in advance, especially during peak seasons. To make sure that the venue and date of your choice is still available for your Christmas Party or New Year’s Dinner, contact a manager as soon as possible to secure it. Although last-minute bargains may be offered by some venues, we recommend against relying on this option – even if it is possible to hire at the eleventh hour – due to potential availability issues.


Venue Theme


As you consider the perfect venue for your event, identify one that not only coincides with the type of atmosphere and theme you’re going for but also helps reduce costs. For instance, if it’s a Christmas Dinner or Party – both require different settings – so be sure to take that into consideration when making your selection.

Finding the perfect event space is quite simple, as long as you know which type of venue best suits your celebration. Look for a location with experience in similar events, that understands what it takes to make yours a success. Once you’ve determined whether your function should be unique, luxurious or something else entirely – that’s when the real search begins! Use these tips to narrow it down and find just what you’re looking for.




If you’ve chosen to have your venue provide the catering, don’t be afraid to voice any specific dietary requirements such as vegan and halal/kosher. Additionally, it’s wise to inquire about menu tastings as well as read reviews from past events in order to determine if their food is up-to-par or if you should search for other options.

If you’re looking to take the reins on your event’s catering, make sure to get informed about what services the venue offers. Will they allow you to bring your own champagne? Many venues already have established relationships with caterers and beverage companies that could be of use. It’s best practice then to consult directly with the venue manager regarding any external service possibilities before beginning an independent search for a provider yourself.


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